About us

Since 1997, Wholesale is Ready to serve in the apparel industry, the continuously developing apparel industry of women and men, which has extensive knowledge, 2018. At www.by-mmc.co my name from the online sector in Turkey and in the world takes place between the BY- virtual store MMC He continues his journey with his educated, experienced and accumulated human resources who know the textile business.
In our branding efforts, we see a structure that is open to the public, focused on customer satisfaction, and offers quality at the most affordable price. We strive to steal your heart by offering you all the clothing groups at the best price, as well as men’s t-shirts and sweatshirts, carefully designed women’s t-shirts, sweatshirts and tunics.
As the world’s leading online shopping center in the world, we offer the privilege of www.by-mmc.com to our valued customers by offering a wide range of high-quality clothing categories at direct prices from the factory.